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The AAT (Armored Assault Tank) is the primary assault vehicle used by the Separatist Forces.

The AAT makes it’s menacing appearance in many Mini games including Republic Defender, Republic Gunship, Starfighter, and Galactic Forces.

The AAT also makes it’s appearance in the Battle of Umbara and Felucia Combat Zones.

During the Battle of Umbara Combat Zone, the AAT can be found in both Drop Ship Zones.

After a C-9979 Landing Craft lands, they will begin to deploy Separatist units. The AAT is one of the three bosses which are deployed as they deal a large amount of damage to players.

Think you’re tough enough to face on one of these menacing AAT’s, you’ll need to gather a large amount of players in order to defeat this boss.

During the Felucia Combat Zone, a large amount of AAT’s can be found near the Separatist Base south of the Republic Outpost.

They are clustered near the East side of the base, however these AAT’s are not mobile but are stationary as they do not fire upon players.

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