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Attack Cruiser is a third person shooter type mini-game It involves guiding a Republic Attack Cruiser around a circular stage while destroying enemy ships. It was formerly a Jedi members only minigame however, eventually, the first stage became available to free account users, because an Attack Cruiser stage was planned to be used in the all-non-member saga, Biggest Battles: Ryloth. A multiplayer function was added in May 2011. Attack Cruiser can be found at the War Room, with Plo Koon in charge of the mini-game.

In singleplayer, the goal of the game is to destroy all hostile ships without losing all of your lives. There are a variety of enemy ships, eaching having unique amounts of health and attacks. Power-ups, such as extra lives and increased firepower are provided by destroying a Separatist shuttle containing a purple glow. Multiplayer follows the same concept, however your main goal is to outscore your opponent in points.


Attack Cruiser features three stages for both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Venator Skirmish was added with the release of the Biggest Battles: Ryloth campaign and does not feature multiplayer.

Outer Rim: Deep in the Outer Rim, battle breaks out near the broken remains of a shattered moon! Will the strength of the Republic's Venator Attack Cruiser be enough to prevail over the Separatist fleet?

Geonosis: The Clone Wars began on the surface of Geonosis, but the war rages on in the space surrounding the rugged Separatist world! Outnumbered, and out-gunned, the Republic must confront the Confederate fleet defending the planet.

Coruscant: Home to the Galactic Senate and the Jedi High Council, Coruscant is the heart of the Republic! As Separatist ships close in, a lone Attack Cruiser stands between the capital and the wrath of the Droid armies!

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