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The B1 Battle Droid Unit, well known as the Battle Droid makes several appearances throughout Clone Wars Adventures.

The B1 Battle Droid Unit is known for being the most basic unit of the Separatist Army, they are the most common enemies throughout the Ryloth and Umbara Combat Zones.

They are also the second weakest enemies players will encounter as it often only takes two shots from most blasters or two Lightsaber slashes to defeat them.



B1 Battle Droids are the most common enemy on Ryloth and generate constantly. There are also a few stationed Battle Droids that don't march with the main advance.

Battle of Umbara

B1 Battle Droids are among the most common enemies met in the Umbara combat zone. They are also the second weakest enemies players will encounter as it often only takes one shot from most blasters or one lightsaber slash to defeat them.

Skirmish on Carlac

B1 Battle Droids also appear on Carlac, though only in the Separatist crashed cruiser area. They are the weakest enemy in that area and appear like on Umbara


Republic Defender

With the exception of the Probe Droid the B1 Battle Droid is weakest droid in the game and is usually the first enemy you will encounter on any stage. Although these basic droids do not pose much of a threat to your defenses, they tend to come in small and large masses. A great way to deal with Battle Droids is to use turrets that have the ability to damage several droids at once, making the Mortar Cannon and Thermal Grenade Turret arguably the best turrets to use against them. Still, a simple group of blaster turrets provides a sufficient defense against Battle Droids in early stages.

Blaster Training

Battle Droids are one of the two enemies that appear in Blaster Training, the other being the B2 Super Battle Droid. Although weaker than Super Battle Droids, they are much harder to score criticals on. Bonus stages consist of shooting Battle Droid parts to score additional points.


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Security Battle Droid


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Battle Droid