Card Assault is the second card game to be released in Clone Wars Adventures. It follows the same game-play as the Free Realms TCG. Booster packs were available for the original price of 249 Station Cash which was less than Card Commander Booster Packs which cost 299 station cash.

All of the cards were brand new including new loot items. Jedi Members received one Series 1 Booster Pack each month. Series 2 was apart of the November 30th update.


Series 1 Loot:

- Carlac Death Watch Elite Armor set.

- Sith Inquisitor armor set.

- Spark Stealth Trooper armor set.

- Convor Fountain housing decoration.

- Momong Fountain housing decoration.

- Orphne Fountain housing decoration.

- AT-AT Fountain housing decoration.

- B8-CT8 Mini pet.

- L1L-R3D Mini pet.

- Booster Points.

- Access Codes Stockpile.

- Pile of Credits.

Series 2 Loot:

Series 2 Loot included the following:

- Orange Death Watch Commander armor set. 

- Battle Damaged Clone Trooper armor set.

- Tatooine Housing Lot.

- Large Oil Spill housing decal decoration.

- Small Oil Spill housing decal decoration.

- Suppressed Blaster Fire housing decal decoration.

- Lightsaber Mark housing decal decoration.

- Lightsaber Marks housing decal decoration.

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