Card Commander is a strategy theme mini-game. It is one of the few competitive mini-games and has Quick-Play and Tournament functions. This game is hosted by Commander Cards who can be located in the Jedi Temple Lounge.


Every card has a number which determines its power. The higher the number the more powerful the card. In other words, a card with the number 10 can defeat a card with the number 4.

All cards also follow a basic color-coded system. Red cards will always defeat green cards, green cards will always defeat blue cards, and blue cards will always defeat red cards regardless of the number the opposing card holds. Each player has four bases which he/she must destroy. Once all of a player's bases are destroyed, the game ends. At the start of the match, you are required to select one card from your hand of four. If your card defeats your opponent's you will be able to attack your opponents base. The main goal of the game is to use your set of cards to defeat your opponent. Credits will be awarded after defeating a campaign level and prizes will be awarded after winning a tournament match.

Game Modes

In campaign mode, the player plays against various characters in a storyline. There are eight campaigns that players can play through in Card Commander. One of these is the secret missions section and the last five campaigns will reward players with ARC Trooper armor when they defeat them. The secret missions section contains four very difficult stages against Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Yoda. These opponents have multiple high value cards

-- Quickplay matches players randomly with one another. The rules are the same but no credits are awarded after a Quickplay match. --


Clicking on the tournament window brings the player to the tournament lobby. The tournament mode is similar to quickplay, however the score is ranked and compared with all of the other players participating in the tournament. Playing tournament mode is an excellent way to receive prizes, which can be viewed by clicking on the prizes section. The prizes players receive depend on what place the player ranked by the end of the tournament.

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