Classes are special traits you can level on your character by doing certain activities. Classes can be divided into 2 categories: Battle Classes and Passive Classes. As you level up a class you will get rewards along the way such as armor, buffs and skills.

Battle Classes

Battle Classes are classes that can be equipped on the player, they provide extra buffs in battle based on what class is chosen as well as some extra abilities.

Affiliation icon lightside 64
Jedi Class
Affiliation icon darkside 64
Sith Class
Affiliation icon trooper 64
Trooper Class
Affiliation icon mercenary 64
Mercenary Class
Affiliation icon exile 64
Exile Class

Passive Classes

Passive Classes are classes that are always active and are leveled up through crafting and mini-games.

Affiliation icon technician 64
Technician Class
Affiliation icon scoundrel 64
Scoundrel Class
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