Crisis Ziro is a mini game for Jedi Member’s only in which players control Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos who jumps from different hover vehicles trying to reach Ziro the Hutt.

If a player misses a jump, Quinlan Vos falls from the screen and is returned by a slow moving speeder.

After a player reaches the end of the level, they catch up to Ziro the Hutt, if they run out of fuel before they reach Ziro the game is over.

Different vehicles in the air will help or hinder the player.

Hazardous Objects

Todo 360 will deplete fuel if he hits the player.

Smoking vehicles will slowly descend to the bottom taking the player with them.

Helpful Objects

Green vehicles will give a large bonus point to the player, Orange vehicles grant more time.

Small Hover Droid’s that randomly fly through the screen will take the player with them automatically for a short distance.

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