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A set of 501st painted Phase 2 Clone Trooper Armour, with a backpack containing medical supplies belonging to CT-6116 aka "Kix". Who served as a clone medic in the 501st Legion alongside Jedi General, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Ahsoka Tano and Captain CT-7567 aka "Rex". Kix befriended another clone in the 501st, called CT-5597 aka "Jesse" and they went on many missions together. Most notable actions include the Battle of Saleucami, where Kix had to attend to Rex after being shot. The Battle of Umbara where Kix and the rest of the 501st detained General Pong Krell, for treason against the Republic and witnessing the murder of Jedi Master Tiplar by CT-5385 aka "Tup", that eventually lead to him discovering a conspiracy to destroy the Jedi however, Kix was abducted by the CIS before he could reveal this truth.

Kix himself, was also discoverable, located within the Republic Outpost on the Umbara Combat Zone. Where he will make his return, in the next update.

This set is available in the store for Icon getCredits credits 64-0.png6,150.

Kix.pngItems in-game
Icon Item Wear Race Gender Head CloneSeason4Helm CloneKix 64.png
Kix's Clone Trooper Helmet
Icon getCredits credits 64.png
Icon Item Wear Race Gender Body CloneKixArmor CloneKix 64.png
Kix's Clone Trooper Armor
Icon getCredits credits 64.png
Icon Item Wear Race Gender Hands CloneSeason4Gloves CloneKix 64.png
Kix's Clone Trooper Gloves
Icon getCredits credits 64.png
Icon Item Wear Race Gender Feet CloneSeason4Boots CloneBasic 64.png
Clone Trooper Phase II Boots
Icon getCredits credits 64.png