Republic Defender levels

Republic Defender is a strategy mini-game in the tower defense vein. It was one of the original mini-games included in Clone Wars Adventures and was deemed one of the most popular played mini-games. The game can be found at the War Room, ran by Mace Windu.

Players can take the role of a Republic General with an overhead view of the Battlefield and must prevent several oncoming waves of Separatist units from reaching one end from the other.

To accomplish this, the player can destroy the Separatist units by building turrets along their path and using special abilities, which can vary by the stage.

There are a wide variety of offensive turrets at the player’s disposal which can be created by trading in Energy, however you can build a Utility Turret which will help increase your Energy points.

The player has a total of 25 lives to begin with and they are depleted when Separatist units reach their objective. Most powerful units will take more lives and if the lives are depleted to zero, the game ends. Surviving all waves of the Separatist’s with at least one life remaining will award victory.


Stages and levels in Republic Defender gradually increase in difficulty. Most levels were only available to players who owned a Jedi Membership in the original game.

(Jedi Membership will no longer exist in the Emulator)


Each turret has their strength and weakness. Building the right turret for the right job increases your success. All turrets are classified into one of these three categories:

  • Ground
  • Air
  • "Does Not Attack"

Some turrets have a secondary category which may include [Several] or [Shields] which gives them an extra advantage in tight situations. Some of the more powerful turrets that are unlocked later in the game cost more energy to make.

Players also have the ability to upgrade turrets, increasing their stats with every upgrade. Turrets follow a color coded upgrading system. Note that when turrets reach rank 3 and 5 their overall appearance and, in rare cases, abilities change.


- Green: Rank 1

- Blue: Rank 2

- Yellow: Rank 3

- Purple: Rank 4 (Unlocked on Mustafar)

- Red: Rank 5 (Unlocked on Christophsis)

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