Ryloth is a planet in the Ryloth System in the Outer Rim Territories. Its terrain varies from jungles, to mesas, to valleys, to volcanoes. The planet's equator is covered by a thick forest.

Ryloth is home to the human-like species known as Twi'leks, which were also playable in the original game (and will be in the Emulator eventually).

Ryloth is the planet that the player starts the game on. The tutorial is given here by Captain Rex. The planet stays useful throughout the game, though, mainly due to the fact that there is a B1 and B2 Battle Droid grinder near spawn.

Also on this planet are some NPCs that will be able to teach you about some of the minigames the game has to offer. The minigames are not currently in the Emulator, but are being worked on.


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