Umbara is a planet located in the Ghost Nebula of the galaxy. This planet is often referred to as the "Shadow World," due to the lack of sunlight it experiences. The planet is known for its Doonium reserves, as well as its dark, overgrown surface.

The planet in-game features a wide variety of details, ranging from the Umbaran base, to the rancor hidden away in the forest. A Trandoshan camp is situated in close proximity to an ancient Sith temple, and the map even includes multiple Umbaran war bunkers as dungeon missions.



Kix Captain Rex Fives Razor
Clone Troopers ARC Trooper Commanders ARF Trooper Republic Technicians


Common Enemies

B1 Battledroid B2 Battledroid Commando Droid Droideka
Umbaran Soldier Spider Droid Milicreep Dark Acolyte Warrior
Dark Acolyte Healer Trandoshan Pirate Umbaran Hover Tank Hailfire Droid
Droideka Sniper


Carl The Rancor Darth Maul Savage Opress AAT
Commander Krussk Medic Skrisst Gunner Mrash Sarkh
Grahssk Captain Dheeb General Ennodius General Farr-Nees
Sith Training Droids Vared Zagg


Bunker Usk Bunker Grek Bunker Krill Ancient Sith Academy Airfield Mission


Hero Of Umbara Darth Mauls Lightsaber Amelie Fogg Shadow Tech Gear
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